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  • Wehr Wednesdays #5

    4th Dec 2019 by

    A new word or phrase from the Hans Wehr dictionary, every Wednesday. وقع ضحيته or ذهب (ḍaḥīyatahū) to fall victim to, become a victim of or s.o. Root: ض-ح-ي Page: 627* Example: “وَقَعَ ضَحِيّة للاستغلال” Translation: “he fell victim to exploitation” * The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, 4th Edition

  • The Importance of Getting Things Wrong

    3rd Dec 2019 by

    خَطَأ root: خ-ط-ء / noun / plural: أخطاء / definition: mistake, error It’s happening again. A wave of fear crashes down mercilessly upon the trembling students. Eyes dart desperately, frantically, around the room. One student scrambles out of class, mumbling something about needing the bathroom. The sky darkens. Another pretends to drop their pen as… Read more

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